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model DIE-2430-60-C

Designed to reduce back injury and cumulative trauma disorders.  Lifts heavy equipment to dynamic working height. Foot pump operated hydraulic pump and lift cylinders.  All welded steel construction will provide years of service and hard work.  Small frame size allows unit to access hard-to-reach locations.  Two rigid and two swivel with side brake casters.  Suffix "C" represents a chrome top platform on foot pump operated models.

model DIE-2430-48

model DIE-2430-48-C

model DIE-2430-DC-C

model DIE-2430-60

Die Table

Model PDFs Platform Size (WxL) Service
Power Capacity
Wt. (lbs.)
DIE-2430-36 Compliance Certificate 24"x30" 24"to36" Foot Pump 2,000 290
DIE-2430-48 Compliance Certificate 24"x30" 30"to48" Foot Pump 2,000 295
DIE-2430-60 Compliance Certificate 24"x30" 36"to60" Foot Pump 2,000 344
DIE-2430-36-C Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x30" 24-1/2"to36" Foot Pump 2,000 290
DIE-2430-48-C Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x30" 30-1/2"to48" Foot Pump 2,000 295
DIE-2430-60-C Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x30" 36-3/4"to60-3/4" Foot Pump 2,000 344
DIE-2430-DC-C* Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x30" 24"to51" DC Powered 2,000 463
 *ONE (1) 12V Battery

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