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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Medium Duty Powered Stretch Wrap Machines

model SWA-54 shown

Vestil's Medium Duty Powered Stretch Wrap Machines offer the same great features as our standard duty machines in a 5,000-lb capacity unit. Complete with a powered turntable and counter-balanced stretch film mast. To operate, depress the foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down. The film-wrap tension is controlled with an adjustable, friction-brake assembly. Film placement is controlled manually by moving the carriage assembly up and down on the vertical mast. A hand operated carriage-brake allows the carriage to move freely making film application fast and simple. The system will accept 10 (in.) to 20 (in.) material. The unit ships with mast disconnected-simply raise mast and clamp into place. 

The standard manual film wrap delivery can be upgraded to 115V 1-phase AC powered mast option (PMO). The hand held control is used to raise/lower the film while the foot control is used to operate the turntable. Please contact factory for Approach Ramp options on these models.

model SWA-48

model SWA-48-PMO
with Power Mast Option

model SWA-54

model SWA-60

Approach Ramp
model SWA-R-4836

Power Mast Option
model SWA-PMO

Film Roll








Counts the amount of rotations

Stretch Wrap Machine
Model PDF's Turntable
Max. Load
Max. Wrap Height Turntable
SWA-48 Compliance Certificate 48" 62" 83-3/4 2-3/8" 4,000 594
SWA-48-PMO 48" 62" 83-3/4 2-3/8" 4,000 619
SWA-54 Compliance Certificate 54" 90" 80 11-1/16" 5,000 1314
SWA-60 Compliance Certificate 60" 90" 80 11-1/16" 5,000 1393
Stretch Wrap Machine Accessories
Model PDF Description Wt.
SWA-PMO Compliance Certificate 115V Powered mast option 194
SWA-PMO-RF Compliance Certificate 115V Powered mast option (retrofit - field installed) 194
SWA-54-SCALE Scale for SWA-54 - Adds 3-1/2"to Height (Factory Installed) 500
SWA-60-SCALE Scale for SWA-60 - Adds 3-1/2"to Height (Factory Installed) 500
SWA-R-4836 48"Wx36"Lx2"H Approach Ramp (for electric pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 138
SWA-R-4848 48"Wx48"Lx2"H Approach Ramp (for manual pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 183
SWA-R-48100-SCL 48"Wx99-13/16"Lx5-7/8"H Approach Ramp (for manual pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 346
SWA-FILM 20"x80ga. x 6,000 FT x 3" Core (one roll) 42
SWA-REV   Twin foot switch control for forward/reverse operation 15
SWA-COUNT Counter Option, keep track of carousel rotation 1
SWA-NRTL-COMP UL Approved components 601
SWA-INDEX Auto-indexing 90, 120, or 180 1
SWA-NM SWA-54 & 60 with no mast (specify turntable diameter) 601

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SWA-48 Owners Manual

Standard counter-balanced stretch film mast

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