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The patented Tiller is a hand truck for lifting and moving loads. The Tiller prevents back problems and work loss. Loads can be moved as with an ordinary hand truck. If the load has to be lifted to a higher level, such as onto a workbench, you drive the hand truck up to the elevation and lift the load with the electrically driven hitch cylinder. When lifting, the wheels of the hand truck will instantly brake. When the load is at the correct height, drive the hand truck forward to the workbench with the brake-drive motor built into the brakes. The load is then placed on top. The machine can also be used to lower loads down from a higher level. For transportation of the Tiller, the Tiller can lift itself from the ground to the loading level of the transport vehicle. The Tiller comes standard with a universal loading tray suitable for most kinds of loads.



Product Specifications:

Lift Capacity: 165 lbs.
Max Lift Height: 43"
Lowered Height: 0.16"
Lift Speed (loaded/unloaded): 3.9 in/sec
Time to max lift: 11 sec
Overall height: 61"
Overall width: 20-"
Overall depth: 24-"
Noseplate width: 11-"
Noseplate depth: 13-"
Wheel: 4.10/3.50-4
Wheel diameter: 11"
Wheel width: 3"
Operating voltage: 24 vDC
Battery: NiMH at 3,600 maH
Current: 9 amps
Full charge time: 10 hours

How To Operate:


Step 1

Move the load to the location, as with an ordinary hand truck.

Step 2

At the location, press the 'lift up' button until the Tiller is at the correct height.

Step 3

With the load at the correct height, press 'drive forward' for a powered move forward.

Step 4

With the load above the surface, press 'lift down' to lower the load. Then pull back from underneath the load.

Tiller - TILL
Model PDFs Overall Size
TILL-43 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 20-1/2"x24-3/4"x61" 0.16" to 43" 165 11" 93

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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