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model CPRO-100

Ideal for any industrial environment.  The CPRO-600, CPRO-600S, CPRO-200, and CPRO-100 models are adjustable in 2" increments from a low crouch to a standing position with the simple cross bar attachment design. The units are constructed with four rubber "shocks" under the seat base which allows the seat to tilt forward, left, and right so it can accommodate our body movements and a more natural posture position.  Additionally the CPRO-600S model features a swivel seat for added maneuverability, while, the CPRO-100 includes casters for portability from work station to work station.

The CPRO-800LP model is not only convenient but easy to use.  Simply unfold the rear legs and slide the contoured padded seat to the desired ergonomic height using the infinite adjustment for optimum work posture.  Folds up to a 4" profile for easy portability and storage.

model CPRO-200

model CPRO-600

odel CPRO-600S

model CPRO-800LP


Ergonomic Worker Chairs
Model PDFs Base Size
Seat Size
CPRO-200 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate


14"x9-1/2" 13"-26" 220 17
CPRO-600 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate


14"x9" 13"-34" 220 22
CPRO-600S Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate


14"x12" 14-1/4"-35-1/2" 220 26
CPRO-800LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate


13-1/2"x 10" 18-1/2"-33" 220 13
CPRO-100 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate


12-1/2"x 9-1/2" 9"-18" 220 23

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CPRO-600 Owners Manual

CPRO-200 Owners Manual

CPRO-800-LP Owners Manual

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