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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) ESD-Safe Warehouse Ladders - LAD-PW series

model LAD-PW-26-6-G-ESD

  • Portable warehouse ladder for special ESD applications

  • Includes following features for ESD-Safe (anti-static) properties:
    -Conductive semi-gloss black baked in powder-coated finish for added toughness
    -Conductive wheels, gray rubber tread on polyolefin core
     -Grounding drag chain with resistor, nickle-plated brass construction

  • Rubber feet provided for floor protection

  • Units with 2-4 steps have (2) two all directional spring-loaded swivel casters and (2) two swivel casters with total locks. Units with 6 to 12 steps have bottom step lock casters for safe use when climbing.

  • Heavy-duty weight capacity is 350 lbs

  • Features 58 standard climb angle

  • Each step features a grip-strut design for traction

  • Individual steps are 23-9/16" wide x 7" deep

  • Top step is 23-9/16" wide x 14" deep

  • Handrailing included on both sides of ladder with top cross-bar

  • Welded square tubular steel construction

  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use

  • Ladder complies with OSHA 1910.29, ANSI A14.7, ANSI s20:20 standards

  • Note - ladders must be used on conductive floors to comply with ESD properties

model LAD-PW-26-2-G-ESD

model LAD-PW-26-4-G-ESD



ESD-Safe Warehouse Ladders




Top Step
LAD-PW-26-2-G-ESD Warranty PDF 2

20" (1'-8")

LAD-PW-26-4-G-ESD Warranty PDF 4

40" (3'-4")

LAD-PW-26-6-G-ESD Warranty PDF 6

60" (5')

LAD-PW-26-8-G-ESD Warranty PDF 8

80" (6'-8")

LAD-PW-26-10-G-ESD Warranty PDF 10

100" (8'-4")

LAD-PW-26-12-G-ESD Warranty PDF 12

120" (10')

Optional Grounding Straps
LAD-TT-E Warranty PDF Ladder Tool Tray  
ESD-WGW Warranty PDF Optional user grounding strap, elastic adjustable wrist strap  
ESD-HGW Warranty PDF Optional user grounding strap, heel strap  
ESD-GW-15 Warranty PDF Optional ladder tethered grounding strap, 15' coil cord (extends to 20')  

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