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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hoisting Hooks

model D-FORK-4-RL

model S-FORK-4-6-RL

Convert your fork truck into a hook with anchor in a matter of seconds. The easy to attach Hoisting Hook does not require the assistance of special tools. Secured to the fork truck by means of a 48" long safety restraint and screw clamps. Available in single or double fork design. Units are zinc plated.  Hook with shackle included.  Model S-FORK-4-AT, Auto-Tension Hoisting Hook, offers a unique design and adds tension as weight is added, this unit has a yellow baked-in powder-coated toughness.


model D-FORK-4-SL


model D-FORK-10-SL

model S-FORK-4-6-SL

Single Fork
model S-FORK-4-AT

Hoisting Hooks
Model PDF's Hook
Fork Pocket
Size (WxH)
S-FORK-4/6-RL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single, Rigid 6"x2-1/4" 4,000 15
S-FORK-4/6-SL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single, Swivel 6"x2-1/4" 4,000 15
D-FORK-4-RL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double, Rigid 7-1/4"x 2" 4,000 31
D-FORK-4-SL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double, Swivel 7-1/4"x 2" 4,000 31
D-FORK-10-SL Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double, Swivel 6-5/16"x 3" 10,000 53
S-FORK-4-AT Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Swivel, Single Auto-Tension 5-1/2"x 1-1/2" 4,000 24

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S-FORK wners Manual

S-FORK-4-AT Owners Manual



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