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model C-HOP-300

Unit is designed for use in areas with limited space.  Fixed-position hopper features a full-height front door that opens to dump the hopper contents.  Door will automatically close and lock after contents have been dumped.  Front door is opened with a release cable that may be operated from a safe distance.  Units may be moved with assistance from a fork truck.  Safety chain is attached for securing unit to the carriage of fork truck.  Welded steel construction with blue painted finish.


Steel Chute Hopper

Model PDF's Volume Cubic Yards Capacity
Overall Size (WxDxH) Gauge of Steel Wt.
C-HOP-200 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2 2,000 60-1/2"x 56-7/8"x67" 7 806
C-HOP-300 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 3 2,000 85-5/8"x57-1/4"x67" 7 970

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