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model SPREAD-2

Tough thermoplastic hopper spreads material 25 feet wide (fixed).  Hitch mount standard.

SPREAD-2 is a multi-purpose spreader with a welded steel material auger for free flowing material; rock salt. Includes a 2" receiver tube.  12 volt DC motor.

SPREAD-3 is an accurate flow spreader with precision material gate system for free flowing finer material; ice melters, fertilizers, seed, insecticides and pellets. Includes 2" receiver, complete wiring, and on/off switch. 12 volt DC motor. 10" steel spinner with steel gate agitator.  Adjustable metering gate with positive stop for quick return to original calibration setting.

model SPREAD-3 shown
on model HOOK-BASE
(sold seperately)

model SPREAD-3

Fork Truck Material Spreader
Model PDF Spreading
Overall Size
Cubic Feet
SPREAD-2 Warranty PDF 25' fixed 30-1/2"x21"x29" 2.7 180 68
SPREAD-3 Warranty PDF 25' fixed 30-1/2"x21"x29" 2.7 180 65

Check Out Our HOOK-BASE Models, user to attach material Spreaders to your fork truck!

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SPREAD-2 Owners Manual

SPREAD-3 Owners Manual




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