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Plastic Chain Barricades

Floor Mounted Posts

Portable and lightweight units are easy to position where needed most. Choose either floor-mount or ground-stake design depending on application. Chain simply snaps onto post hooks (two hooks per post). Three standard colors to choose from: white, yellow and black. Units are easy to assemble with snap-together parts. Posts are sold four (4) to a box. Chains sold in rolls.

Plastic Chain

Ground Stake Post

Plastic Chain Barricades
Model PDF Description Color Diameter Height Wt.
PCB-W-F Warranty PDF Floor Mt'd Post White 2-1/2" 38-1/2" 12
PCB-Y-F Warranty PDF Floor Mt'd Post Yellow 2-1/2" 38-1/2" 12
PCB-B-F Warranty PDF Floor Mt'd Post Black 2-1/2" 38-1/2" 12
PCB-W-G Warranty PDF Ground Stake Post White 2-1/2" 45" 10
PCB-Y-G Warranty PDF Ground Stake Post Yellow 2-1/2" 45" 10
PCB-B-G Warranty PDF Ground Stake Post Black 2-1/2" 45" 10
PCB-W-CN Warranty PDF Chain White 2"x 1-1/16" 590" 8
PCB-Y-CN Warranty PDF Chain Yellow 2"x 1-1/16" 590" 8
PCB-B-CN Warranty PDF Chain Black 2"x 1-1/16" 590" 8

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