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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Poly Barricades

These durable polyethylene Traffic Barriers, are molded interlocking bases.  Displays well at municipalities, parks, amusement parks, and parking areas. Ideal for traffic and crowd control.  They come in orange, yellow or white.  Recessed top fill port used to fill the barricades with sand or water.  There is a tamper resistant 2" bottom drain.  Reflective stripes for easy visibility.







Poly Barricades

Model PDF Length Depth Height Color Full Capacity Wt. (lbs)
VTB-5-O Warranty PDF 60-1/2" 16-3/4" 24-1/2" Orange 60 Gal. 30
VTB-5-Y Warranty PDF 60-1/2" 16-3/4" 24-1/2" Yellow 60 Gal. 30
VTB-5-W Warranty PDF 60-1/2" 16-3/4" 24-1/2" White 60 Gal. 30
VTB-6-O Warranty PDF 74" 16-1/2" 34" Orange 80 Gal. 52
VTB-6-Y Warranty PDF 74" 16-1/2" 34" Yellow 80 Gal. 52
VTB-6-W Warranty PDF 74" 16-1/2" 34" White 80 Gal. 52

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