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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Spreader Beam Roller Lifter

model SBRL-25

Adjustable roll lifter utilizes your overhead hoist to position roll material. Ideal when headroom is limited. Designed to meet ASME B30.20. Width is adjustable on 4" increments. Includes two (2) four foot polyester lifting slings, looped ends.

model SBRL-80

Spreader Beam Roll Lifter
Model PDF Description Maximum
Roll Length
Rod Size
SBRL-25 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Roll Lifter 6 Ft. 2-1/2 2,500 92
SBRL-40 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Roll Lifter 6 Ft. 2-1/2 4,000 280
SBRL-80 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Roll Lifter 8 Ft. 2-3/4 8,000 450

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SBRL Series Owners Manual

Use one of our Gantry or Jib Crane along with the Spreader Beam Roll Lifter



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