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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Stackable Bar Cradles

model CRAD-25

These sturdy, welded steel racks are strong enough to handle heavy loads yet light enough to be set up by one person. Stackable up to five units high. Allows for custom design by choosing length, depth and height of individual storage systems. Welded steel construction with blue painted surface. Units are sold each.

model CRAD-25-44

model CRAD-37

model CRAD-56

model CRAD-75
Stackable Bar Cradles
Model PDF's Overall Size
Inside Size
Uniform Capacity/
Each (lbs)
Uniform Capacity/Pair
CRAD-25 Warranty PDF 12"x16"x14" 8"x12"x10-5/8" 1,250 2,500 31
CRAD-25-30 Warranty PDF 12"x30"x14" 8"x12"x10-5/8" 1,250 2,500 78
CRAD-25-44 Warranty PDF 12"x44"x14" 8"x12"x10-5/8" 1,250 2,500 107
CRAD-25-58 Warranty PDF 12"x58"x14" 8"x12"x10-5/8" 1,250 2,500 127
CRAD-25-72 Warranty PDF 12"x72"x14" 8"x12"x10-5/8" 1,250 2,500 146
CRAD-37 Warranty PDF 14"x19"x18" 10"x15"x14-5/8" 1,850 3,700 37
CRAD-56 Warranty PDF 15"x22"x21" 11"x18"x17-5/8" 2,800 5,600 43
CRAD-75 Warranty PDF 16"x26"x24" 12"x22"x20-1/2" 3,750 7,500 46

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