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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Stainless Steel Shelving

model SSS-1836

model SSS-1836-SK

 Provide easy access to stored items from all sides. High-quality stainless steel (type 304 with a #4 brushed finish) construction is ideal for the commercial or industrial use. Each model includes four (4) set screw adjustable shelves ideal for different height products. Shelves are 18 gauge thick and hold up to 600 pounds each (uniform load). Units ship knocked down and require assembly. Shelving kits include four shelves and hardware.

model SSS-1848

model SSS-2436                       model SSS-2448

Stainless Steel Shelving

Model PDF's Shelf Size
Capacity Per
Shelf (lbs)
SSS-1836 Warranty PDF 18"x36" 74" 600 110
SSS-1848 Warranty PDF 18"x48" 74" 600 135
SSS-2436 Warranty PDF 24"x36" 74" 600 129
SSS-2448 Warranty PDF 24"x48" 74" 600 165

Stainless Steel Shelving Kits

SSS-1836-SK Warranty PDF 18"x36" - 600 70
SSS-1848-SK Warranty PDF 18"x48" - 600 95
SSS-2436-SK Warranty PDF 24"x36" - 600 89
SSS-2448-SK Warranty PDF 24"x48" - 600 101

Stainless Steel Leg Kit


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