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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Storage U-Rack

    These Storage Racks can be stacked up to four units high. Easy to set up and tear down and great for temporary locations. All welded steel construction for years of dependable service.  Maximum 4 units high. Safety pins connect racks together. (Sold Individually)

model U-RACK-6

model U-RACK-10

Portable Storage U-Rack

Model PDF's Outside Dimension
U-RACK-6 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 25"x4"x19" 16"W bottom
21-1/2"W top
6,000 PAIR 31
U-RACK-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 25"x4"x19" 15-1/2"W bottom
21-1/2"W top
10,000 PAIR 33

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Pin Locks allow you to safely stack multiple racks

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