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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Versa Racks

model V-1

These racks provide versatility, efficiency, and durability. Great for transportation and storage.  Remove or change post height depending on application. Double post pins provide support up to 4,000 uniform pounds stacked up to five (5) units high; three (3) high on 24" high and 36" high models. Large target and pintle for speedy alignment. Rugged welded steel construction with powder coat yellow finish. Four-way fork entry on all models. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.  Overall size is 49-7/16" W x 43-7/16" L.

Model V-1, has four adjustable-height non-removable posts, fixed base targets, 4-way fork entry, and solid steel deck. The usable height is adjustable in 1" increments from 11" to 17".  These carts may be stacked no more than 5 units high.
Model V-3, is a stand/cart which has 8" phenolic wheels and a floor lock. Features 12" high non-removable fixed-height corner posts. Overall height is 30-1/2".
Model V-4, is a versa rack pallet with no posts or sockets. Solid deck steel pallet is great for durability. 4-way entry for convenience. Usable fork opening is 8" W x 2" H.
Model V-2, is a versa rack base only with no posts. Sockets included.

model V-2 (excluding posts)

model V-3

model V-4


VP-4     |     VP-12     |     VP-24     |     VP-36

Versa Racks
Model PDF Description Size
V-1 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Base W/Non-removable Posts 49-7/16" x 43-5/16" 125
V-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Base Only, No Posts 49-7/16" x 43-5/16" 110
V-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Stand/Cart 49-7/16 "x 43-5/16" 210
V-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Base, No Posts Or Sockets 49-7/16" x 43-5/16" 100
VP-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Removable Post Kit 4"H 15
VP-12 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Removable Post Kit 12"H 25
VP-24 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Removable Post Kit 24"H 30
VP-36 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Removable Post Kit 36"H 40
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