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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Barrel/Drum Trucks

model DBT-1200

Shown with POLY-ON-STEEL
model DBT-1200-P

The Barrel/Drum Truck handles 30 and 55-gallon steel and fiber drums that are 24" to 48" high. Adjustable chime hook helps to secure the drum. 12" x 2" wheels available for models DBT-1200 and DBT-1200-P. 10" x 2" wheels are available on the DBT-RED. Wheel types include rubber on steel, poly-on-steel or polyurethane. Uniform capacity is 800 pounds. DBT-1200 series features a kickstand for holding unit at a tilt.

Barrel/Drum Trucks
Model PDF Overall Size (WxH) Wheel
DBT-1200 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 29"x60" Rubber-on-Steel 97
DBT-1200-P Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 29"x60" Poly-on-Steel 102
DBT-RED Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 24-1/4"x60-1/4" Polyurethane 48

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Deluxe Tilt Back Drum Trucks


Move, tilt and unload heavy 30 or 55-gallon steel drums with ease. A foot rest helps in loading and supports a loaded drum truck. Unit rolls quietly on 10" x 2" mold-on-rubber wheels. Deluxe chime gripper for quick and easy drum transportation. Assembly required.  DBT-1000 rolls quietly on 10"x2" mold-on-rubber wheels.  DBT-1000-PN features 15-3/4"x4" pneumatic wheels.

model DBT-1000-PN

Deluxe Tilt Back Drum Trucks
Model PDF Overall Size
Capacity (lbs)
DBT-1000 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 22-1/2"x24-3/8"x59" 1,000 Mold On Rubber 91
DBT-1000-PN Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 32"x27"x63" 1,000 Pneumatic 81

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model DBT-RED


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