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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Plastic & Fiber Drum Adapters and Upgrades

model FDA-800

Designed to hold and support fiber and plastic drums. The FDA-550 unit (adjusting arms) or the FDA-800 (adjusting arms with nylon strap) must be utilized in conjunction with models HDC-305, HDC-450, DCR-205, DCR-110, and DCT.

Model FDA-800 comes complete with both an adjusting arm (FDA-550) and a high strength nylon strap (FDA-250). Works with steel, plastic, and fiber drums measuring 12" to 22" in diameter and 28" to 36" high.

The FDC-30 attaches to the inner rim of the drum saddle so a 30 gallon steel, fiber or poly drum can be used.  In any application where it is used with fiber or poly drums, it MUST BE used in conjunction with the adjusting arms (either the FDA-550 or FDA-800 models).

Dual Ratchet Strap, model FDRS, accommodates 30 and 55 steel gallon drums.

Nylon Strap
model FDA-250

Adjusting Arm
model FDA-550

Steel Saddle
model FDC-30

Dual Ratchet Strap
model FDRS
Specialty Drum Adaptors
Model PDFs Description Accommodates Drum Type Wt.
FDA-800 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery  Fiber Drum Adapter (includes FDA-550 & FDA-250) P,F,S 14
FDA-550 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Adjusting Arm (sold separately) P,F,S 13
FDA-250 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Nylon Strap (sold separately) Steel 3
FDC-30 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Steel Saddle Steel 18
FDRS Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Dual Ratchet Strap (for DCT, HDC-305,    HDC-450, DCR-205-DC) Steel 12
FDRS-V2 Warranty PDF Dual Ratchet Strap (for DCR-205 & DCR-110-55) Steel 24

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