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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Drum Caddies & Carts

model LO-DC-PU

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Lo-Profile Drum Caddies with Bung Wrench Handle

Reduce injuries caused by manually lifting and moving drums. Transport (1) 55 or 30 gallon drum or (2) 5 gallon pails with the Lo-Profile Drum Caddy. To use: align unit in front of drum, remove handle, and grip drum with the handle. Tip drum up while guiding the caddy base under the drum. Re-attach handle and transport drum to desired location. Unit rolls easily on two 6"x2" rigid wheels and one 3"x1" swivel caster. The removable handle doubles as a bung nut wrench and seal remover. Cradle height is 1⁄2". Inside cradle diameter is 23-1⁄2. Steel construction. Yellow painted finish.  US Patent Number 6682084.

model LO-DC-PH

model LO-DC-MR

model LO-DC-CI

US Patent Number 6682084

Drum Caddies
Model PDF's Straddle
LO-DC-MR Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 28-1/8"x21-5/8" Mold-on-rubber 1,000 41
LO-DC-CI Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 28-1/8"x21-5/8" Steel 1,200 47
LO-DC-PU Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 28-1/8"x21-5/8" Poly-on-Steel 1,200 46
LO-DC-PH Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 28-1/8"x21-5/8" Phenolic 1,200 46

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LO-DC series Owners Manual

US Patent Number 6682084

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