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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Plastic Pallets & Drum Spill Containers

model DR-1-UT

model DR-2-UT

model DR-3-UT

model DR-4-UT

model VLPUT-2448

model VLPUT-4848

Low Profile Spill Decks are designed to catch spills. Model VLPUT-2448, has a volume capacity of 11 gallons, while model VLPUT-4848 has an 22 gallon volume capacity. Grating is manufactured from chemical resistant polyethylene. Outer yellow sump is constructed of heavy-duty, 18.5 oz. PVC material-folds/rolls down easily for convenient storage. Removable decking standard. Quick and easy to assemble.

Drum Spill Pallets, series DR, industrial strength molded polyethylene pallets with unique patented grid pattern drainage deck captures container spills and leaks of expensive materials for reuse. Unique design minimizes sloshing when transporting. Excellent for collecting most hazardous products. Dozens of applications when coordinated with many other containment products.

Plastic Pallets & Drum Spill Containers
Model PDFs Drums Accepted Overall Size (WxLxH) Sump
   Fork Pocket
(W x H)
Fork Pocket Center Wt.
VLPUT-2448 Warranty PDF 2 24"x48"x2-1/2" 11 gal. N/A 3,000 N/A 22
VLPUT-4848 Warranty PDF 4 48"x48"x2-1/2" 22 gal. N/A 6,000 N/A 44
DR-1-UT Warranty PDF 1 40"x40"x12" 62 gal. 7" x 4-1/2" 800 15" 51
DR-2-UT Warranty PDF 2 53"x29"x16 1/2" 66 gal. 10-1/2" x 4-1/2" 3,000 17-1/2" 63
DR-3-UT Warranty PDF 3 77 7/8"x28 7/8"x5 3/4" 99 gal. N/A 4,500 N/A 67
DR-4-UT Warranty PDF 4 53"x53"x11 3/4" 66 gal. 14-1/2" x 4" 6,000 21-1/2" 90
VLPUT-BF Warranty PDF Bulkhead fitting for VLPUT decks 1

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Optional Bulkhead fitting for VLPUT decks
model VLPUT-BF

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