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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Multi Purpose Drum Truck/ Cradle - RDBT series

model RDBT-MR

One of the most versatile drum trucks in the industry. This innovative product allows the operator to easily tip back the truck in order to transport drums ergonomically on four wheels.  Unit doubles as a drum cradle for storage and dispensing all in one. Top angle is 3 when used as a Drum Cradle. This unique design also allows the operator to place drums and retrieve off of a pallet. Accommodates 55-gallon steel, plastic, or fiber drums. Rolls smoothly on a variety of (2) 10" x 2-1/2" wheel types (see table below), (2) 6" x 2" poly-on-poly wheels, and (2) 3" x 1-1/4" poly-on-poly swivel casters. Standard with a wheeled undercarriage that positions the drum horizontally for drainage or storage. The drain height is 12-13/16" high in the cradle position. An integral self-storing bung wrench is standard. This attractive feature not only opens numerous drums, but helps to keep the drum snug on the truck. A yellow baked in powder coat finish for added toughness. Optional drip pan available.

model RDBT-PO

model RDBT-

Multi-Purpose Drum Truck/Cradle
Model PDF's Overall
10" x 2-1/2"
Wheel Type
RDBT-MR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23.5"x 20-1/16-"x 60-5/8" 1,000 Mold-On-Rubber 140
RDBT-PO Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23.5"x 20-1/16"x 60-5/8" 1,000 Poly-on-poly 148
RDBT-SS Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23.5"x 20-1/16"x 60-5/8" 1,000 Semi-Steel 158
RDBT-PAN Warranty PDFCompliance CertificateOptional Drip Pan 3

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Optional Drip Pan
model RDBT-PAN

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