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Steel Hydraulic Pail Crusher  Model - HPC-405
Crush 5-gallon steel pails quickly and easily with this Steel Hydraulic Pail Crusher. The model HPC-405 crushes steel pails to approximately 2" high and resets automatically to crush another pail. Reduce pail storage space and disposal costs.  More...

HPC-400 Owners Manual

Variable Height Pail Dispenser   Model - LLW-PAILD-200
Variable Height Pail Dumper provides 24 angle settings for dispensing 5 gallon plastic or steel pails. Dispense at any height between 1" and 52" while standing or kneeling by turning the hand winch. Solid rubber wheels with tilt back "hand truck" design can go virtually anywhere.  135 degree rotation.  Hand wench operation.  More...


Steel Pail Pal (Pail Opener)  Model - PAIL-PAL
A must-have product for anyone using five-gallon pails. For use on plastic and steel pails. The cutter is used to cut the slit in the lid lip of the pail to enable the lid of the plastic pail to be removed. The side guide tong conveniently slides under the lid lip for easy removal of the lid. The end hook is used to open steel pails. Just hook the lid lip and rotate.  More...
Pail Tippers Model - CAN-A, CAN-S
The back saving manual Pail Tipper for dispensing 5 gallon plastic or steel pails. Variable height chime lock for quick loading and unloading. Sturdy steel or stainless steel construction available. Overall size is 13"W x 13"L x 30"H.  More...
Plastic Pail & Lid Models - PAIL-54-PWS & LID-54-PWT
Made from high density 0.090 mil thick polyethylene (HDPE) material. The material used to
make the pail and lid is FDA approved.  More...
Ergonomic Elevated Bucket & Pail Dolly   Model - PDOL-26

Unique dolly features elevated bucket/pail platform for better ergonomic position. Elevated platform allows for better posture during use, which leads to less fatigue and strain. For use with maximum 10-9/16" diameter round buckets. Also works with square buckets and boxes with maximum size 10-9/16" x 10-9/16".   More...

Hoist Mounted Pail Carrier/Rotator    Model - PCT-5

The Hoist Mounted Pail Carrier/Rotator works with both plastic and metal pails. For use with 5, 6, and 6-1/2 gallon pails. It has an adjustable upper bail for easy balancing and allows the user to accurately control and empty pails. 3:1 gear ratio makes for effortless tipping of pails. Meets ANSI B30.20 standard for overhead lifting. A ratcheting nylon harness securely holds the pail in any position.    More...

Linear Actuated Pail Dispenser    Model - PAIL/D-5
110 volt AC Linear Actuated Pail Dispenser minimizes redundant bending required to pour pail contents. Pendant hand control gives operator infinite control of 135 rotation. Solid steel construction with variable height re-fasteners to dispense with or without pail contents contacting the chute.  More...

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