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Electric Powered Tuggers 24V DC Powered


model E-TUG-10

Move loads without excessive stress or strain on the user's body!

The Electric Powered Tuggers are suitable to use in airports, hospitals, and wholesale and retail stores. They can be used in a variety of applications like pulling industrial carts, hoppers, trash cans, trailers, and tow bars. Ideal to push/pull loads without extreme stress or strain on the user's body. The tuggers also help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and improve handling efficiencies. High torque 24V DC drive motor handles heavy-duty jobs. Ergonomic handle features easy to operate throttle with FWD/REV speeds and horn. Includes an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when the user releases the handle.  Includes two (2) 12V batteries, an integral battery charger, and a battery level gauge.


model E-TUG-20

Available Attachments:

model E-TUG-ADSH

Adjustable Ball Mount Hitch
model E-TUG-ABMH

model E-TUG-MCLA

Multi Mover
model E-TUG-MM

model E-TUG-PINH

Single Adjustable Ball Hitch
model E-TUG-SABH
Pull or push industrial carts, hoppers, trash cans, trailers, etc.


Electric Powered Tugger
Model PDF Overall Size
E-TUG-10 Warranty PDF 20-1/4"x31-3/4"x49-1/4" 1,000 350
E-TUG-20 Warranty PDF 26"x32"x50-1/2" 2,000 387
E-TUG-30 Warranty PDF 29"x32"x52" 3,000 457
Attachments For Electric Powered Tugger
E-TUG-ADSH Adjustable Double Side Hook
E-TUG-SABH Single Adjustable Ball Hitch
E-TUG-ABMH Adjustable Ball Mount Hitch
E-TUG-MCLA Spring Loaded Manual Channel Lift
E-TUG-PINH Pin Hitch
E-TUG-MM Multi Mover
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Healthcare, food service, airports, retail spaces, and material handling applications!

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