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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Stainless Steel Manual Load Stacker

model ULM-WMS-550

The 304L Stainless Steel Manual Load Stacker is a great way to transport products in sanitary settings. The compact 304L stainless steel design not only helps transport heavy loads around the work area, but also fits in a compact area for space saving when not in use. The unit is raised manually for a more precise height positioning which diminishes bending and twisting when loading/unloading materials. Due to the cradle design, goods can be placed on the stacker from three sides without the need to change the placement of the stacker. Rolling casters are attached to provide a smooth transfer of products, while the braking system maintains safety once the unit is in place.



Stainless Steel Manual Load Stacker
Model PDF's Cradle Size (WxL) Maximum Roll Diameter Capacity
ULM-WMS-550 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 16" x 16" 24" 440 5-1/8"to62" 195

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