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Accordion Skirts have a functional purpose as well as a safety purpose. Skirts comply with the OSHA pinch point specifications. The functional advantage is minimizing dirt and debris accumulation under the platform. Dirt can contaminate electrical and hydraulic components. Life expectancy of both can be substantially reduced by this contamination.  Debris such as raw materials, boards, or pallets can restrict the scissor or table movement.  Accordion skirts serve to keep debris from damaging the operating mechanism, hydraulic components, or electrical parts. Safety is enhanced by keeping arms, legs, fingers, and toes out from under the table. Skirts meet NFPA 701 code. Standard electric toe-guards are not included when scissor table is fitted with accordion skirt option.

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Scissor Tables that can Have Accordion Skirting:

Single Scissor Table
Double Scissor Table
Foot Pump Scissor Table

Lift & Tilt Scissor Table
Ground Scissor Table
Portable Scissor Table
Air Bag Scissor Table

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