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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Integral Scale for Scissor Tables



  • Validate Number of Pieces or Parts

  • Know Exactly How Much Weight is on Your Table

  • Bolt-On Corner Retainers

  • No Holes or Bolting Required

  • Installs and Removes in Seconds

  • Expedite Your Shipping & Palletizing Process

  • Available in 36 x 36, 48 x 48, and 48 x 60 platform tops (rests on top of table) Additional sizes available upon request

  • Adds approximately 3-1/2" to Overall Height

  • Scale Functions: Zero Weight and Tare Weight

  • Weighing Units: Pounds or Kilograms

  • Scale Capacity: 5,000 lbs.

  •  Indicator mounted on pedestal, 110VAC

  • Scissor Table Not Included, select next higher capacity scissor table


Programmable Height
Model Use With Wt.
EHLT-SCALE Series EHLT; Lift Table 295
EHLTD-SCALE Series EHLTD; Double Lift Table 295
EHLTS-SCALE Series EHLTS; Shorty Lift Table 295
EHLTSD-SCALE Series EHLTSD;Shorty Double Lift Table 295
PST-SCALE Series PST; Portable Lift Table 295

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Programmable Height

Eliminate unnecessary bending and "land control jogging" by presetting multiple working heights at the touch of a button

  • Set height function: Programmable up to 4 preset heights

  • Incremental height adjustment for jogging lift at preset increments

  • Raise/lower push button on the keypad

  • Fully integrated controller with LCD display

  • A 15-button keypad on the panel display.

  • Excellent for repeat repositioning applications

  • Hybrid technology linear sensor is used to control positions at any preset height

  • Scissor Table Not Included

Programmable Height
Model Use With Weight (lbs.)
EHLTS-PROGRAM Series EHLTS: Shorty Lift Table 295
EHLTSD-PROGRAM Series EHLTSD: Shorty Double Lift Table 295
EHLTD-70-PROGRAM Series EHLTD: Double Lift Table (Up to 70" Lift Height) 295
EHLT-PROGRAM Series EHLT: Lift Table 295
EHLTG-PROGRAM Series EHLTG; Ground Lift Scissor Table 295

Minimum Deck size: 30W x 48L

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