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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Auto-Shift Hydraulic Elevating Cart

model CART-550-AS

2-speed foot pump automatically shift at 110 pounds

The Auto-Shift Hydraulic Elevating Cart minimizes worker bending and lifting through its ergonomic design and portability. Material can be easily loaded onto a cart from a table, lowered to a safe transporting height, and raised to upload at destination. The two (2) speed auto-shift foot pump includes a soft-lowering down valve. CART-550-AS: Number of strokes without 13 and with weight 25. CART-1000-LD-AS: Number of strokes without 15 and with weight 62. The unit moves easily on four polyurethane casters; two swivel with brakes and two rigid. Models include 5" diameter casters.

Foot Operated Caster Lock

Bicycle Style Release Handle


2" per pump when empty

1" per pump with load over 110 lbs.

Auto-Shift Hydraulic Elevating Cart
Model PDFs Platform Size
Foot Pump
CART-550-AS Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 19-1/2"x32-1/2" 550 12-1/2"to 36" Two 216
CART-1000-LD-AS Warranty PDF 31-1/2" x 63" 1,000 15" to 36" Two 300

  = Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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CART-550-AS Owners Manual

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