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model EOP-440

Model EOP-440: Reduce strain while increasing safety and productivity during repeated order picking applications.  Manually pushed unit is easy to position.  The lift operates with a 12V DC battery.  Includes an on-board charger.


model EOP-500

Model EOP-500: All steel, manually-propelled EOP-500 allows personnel to access material stored in elevated locations faster, safer, and more efficiently than traditional means.  Features include bubble levels for proper leveling and safety stops to mechanically prevent the platform from lowering during maintenance.  Compact, stable lifts are designed to maneuver in tight spaces and to provide simple, push-button elevator activation.  Manual platform emergency lowering valve and slip-resistant deck standard.  Rolls on 8" polyurethane swivel and fixed casters.  Lift time when loaded is 20 seconds.  With the unit unloaded, lift time is 14 seconds.

Electric Order Picker
Model PDFs Overall Size
EOP-440 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23"x41-1/2"x48-3/4" 26" to 59" 440 lbs. 419
EOP-500 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30-11/16"x49-7/16"x70-7/8" 27" to 118" 500 lbs. 830

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EOP-44 Owners Manual

EOP-500 Owners Manual

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