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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Adjustable Pallet Stands - PS series

model PS-4045

The Adjustable Height Pallet Stand is designed to manually adjust to three different ergonomic working heights.  Unit includes a three position manual adjusting bar with spring assist to help raise and lower the deck.  The Pallet Stand must be empty when adjusting the height.  Unit is welded steel construction and includes a blue baked-in powder coated finish for added toughness.  The optional bolt on manual carousel, suffix CA, is 40" in diameter by 2" tall and rotates 360.  The caster feature, suffix CK, consists of 6" x 2" glass filled-nylon (2) rigid and (2) swivel casters with brake.

With Built In Carousel
model PS-4045-CA

With Carousel & Casters
model PS-4045-CA-CK


With Optional Caster Kit
model PS-4045-CK


Pallet Stand
Model PDF's Platform (WxL) Capacity (lbs) Lowered Height First Setting Second Setting Third Setting Wt.
PS-4045 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 40"x42-1/4" 5,000 10" 20-1/4" 30-1/2" 35-1/4" 253
PS-4045/CA Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 40"x42-1/4" 4,000 12-1/4"" 22-1/4" 32-3/4" 37-1/4" 312
PS-4045/CA-CK Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 40"x42-1/4" 1,500 19-1/16" 29-1/16" 39-5/16" 45-1/16" 333
PS-4045-CK Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 40"x42-1/4" 1,500 17-1/16" 27- 1/16" 37-5/16" 43-1/16" 271
PS-RF-CK Warranty PDF Casters to retro fit onto existing pallet stands 57

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PS-4045 Owners Manual


How To Operate Unit

The Handle Bar has three settings.  The Middle, or neutral position, for storage.  The Left setting for moving the stand from storage position into  the first position, and the Right setting is for moving the stand from first position to the second or third position.
  1. Slide Handle Bar from the Middle position either Left or Right, depending on the position needed, and lift up on lift handles.
  2. Once unit is at desired height put the Handle Bar back into the Middle or neutral position.
  3. Align/set pallet evenly onto stand.
  4. The pallet MUST BE REMOVED before adjusting stand to another work height.

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