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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Manual Built-In Carousel for Scissor Tables


Position pallets, boxes, or crates without ever stepping around the table.  This sleek flush mounted carousel smoothly rotates 360. A safety detent lock restricts carousel rotation when not in use. Easy to use operation. Carousel adds 1" to scissor table service range.  Carousel diameter is 45".  Platform size must be 48" x 48" minimum. Rotate option de-rates table capacity by 300 lbs. Maximum capacity 4,000 lbs. Scissor table not included. Option for new table purchase only. Other size carousels available.


Manual Built-In Carousel for Scissor Tables
Model Description Wt.
AHLT-ROTATE Series AHLT; Air Hydraulic Lift Table  350
EHLTX-ROTATE Series EHLTX; Low Profile Lift Table  350
EHLT-ROTATE Series EHLT; Lift Table  350
EHLTD-ROTATE Series EHLTD; Double Lift Table  350
PST-ROTATE Series PST;Portable Lift Table 350

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EHLTD-4848-3.7-70, ROTATE

EHLTD-4848-0.7-70, ROTATE

EHLTD-4848-1.7-70, ROTATE

EHLTD-4848-2.7-70, ROTATE

EHLTX-4853-1-39, ROTATE

EHLTX-4853-2-39, ROTATE

EHLTX-4853-3.5-39, ROTATE

EHLTX-4853-3-39, ROTATE

EHLTX-5053-3.5-39, ROTATE

EHLTX-5053-3-39, ROTATE

EHLT-4848-2.7-43, ROTATE

EHLT-4848-3.7-43, ROTATE

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