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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

model SH-GUN-E

The Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Gun is lightweight, easy to use and great for packaging small items. Ideal for use in shipping areas, parts departments, and printing plants. 115V, 1 phase AC power standard with a 5 foot cord and plug.  Shrink wrap film not included.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Propane Powered Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

model SH-GUN-P-D

The Propane Powered Shrink Wrap Heat Gun is lightweight and easy to use.  It features an adjustable regulator so power is controllable to suit all types of film.  The 26' hose comes with a swivel connector so it does not become twisted.  An unlimited position stainless steel nozzle rotates 360 and remains cool so there is no risk of burns.  Comes in its own storage case.  Propane container and shrink wrap film is not included.

Model SH-GUN-P-D features a replaceable igniter (no-tools needed) behind the trigger plus a spare located in the hand guard.


model SH-GUN-P

Electric Shrink Wrap Heat Gun
Model PDF's Description Temperature
Voltage Wt.
SH-GUN-E Warranty PDF Electric Heat Gun 700 to 900 115v (5 FT. Cord) 22
SH-GUN-P-D Warranty PDF Deluxe Propane Heat Gun 153,000-260,000 BTU/HR - 20 
SH-GUN-P Warranty PDF Propane Heat Gun 136,000-245,000 BTU/HR. -- 12

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