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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Self Elevating Tables - ETT Series

model ETS-840-30 

The Self-Elevating Tables, series ETS,  is designed to automatically raise or lower as materials are removed or added to the platform.  Keeping material at an ergonomic work height, Self-Elevating Tables increase efficiency while reducing potentially harmful bending and twisting motions.  The ETS Series tables utilize internal counterbalance springs which may be easily added or removed to adjust the rate of movement.  This feature allows the user to conveniently set the table to fit each particular application. The ETS-230/460 has poly-on-poly casters, while the ETS-840/1120 rolls smoothly on mold-on rubber casters.

model ETS-230

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Spring Self-Elevating Table
Model PDFs Platform
Overall Dim.
ETS-230 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 20"x20" 230 4 x 1-1/4 11" to 33"      21"x 32-3/8"x 37-3/4" 168
ETS-460 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 20"x20" 460 4 x 1-1/4 11" to 33" 21"x 32-3/8"x 37-3/4" 184
ETS-840-30 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30"x30" 840 4 x 2 15" to 38" 30-5/8"x43-5/16x51-1/2" 448
ETS-1120-18 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18"x18" 1,120 4 x 2 15" to 38" 18-5/8"x31-7/16"x51-1/2" 322
ETS-1120-24 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x24" 1,120 4 x 2 15" to 38" 24-5/8"x37-7/16"x51-1/2" 332

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