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Tools and supplies you need to cut and seal strapping.  Cutters cut up to 2" wide strapping. Tensioner features ratchet action that applies maximum tension instantly, pulling and cutting 3/4" strapping with little effort.  Model PKG-TSCP-75 is ideal for working in cold environments (-40) resistance.

model PKG-C-1

model PKG-SS-SM

model PKG-SS-LG

model PKG-ST

model PKG-PS

model PKG-C-2

model PKG-PS-12

model PKG-PS-12L

model PKG-PS-D

model PKG-C-125

model PKG-C-125

model PKG-PTC

model PKG-PTC-D


model PKG-TSCS-75


model PKG-TSCP-5

model PKG-TSCP-75

Poly & Steel Strapping Tools
Model PDF's Description Accepts
PKG-ST Warranty PDF Tensioner Steel 3/8"to3/4" 5
PKG-SS-SM Warranty PDF Sealer Steel 3/8" & 1/2" 2
PKG-SS-LG Warranty PDF Sealer Steel 5/8" & 3/4" 4
PKG-C-1 Warranty PDF Cutter Steel 3/8" to 1" 1
PKG-C-125 Warranty PDF Cutter Steel 3/8"to 1-1/4" 2
PKG-C-2 Warranty PDF Cutter Steel 3/8"to2" 3
PKG-TSCS-75 Warranty PDF Tensioner/ Sealer/Cutter Steel 1/2"to3/4" 8
PKG-PTC-D Warranty PDF Tensioner Poly 3/8"to3/4" 4
PKG-PTC Warranty PDF Tensioner & Cutter Poly 3/8"to3/4" 3
PKG-PS Warranty PDF Sealer Poly 5/8" 5
PKG-PS-12 Warranty PDF Sealer Poly 1/2" 4
PKG-PS-D Warranty PDF Sealer Poly 5/8" 4
PKG-PS-12L Warranty PDF Sealer Poly 1/2" 5
PKG-PS-DL Warranty PDF Sealer Poly 5/8" 5
PKG-TSCP-5 Warranty PDF Tensioner/ Sealer/Cutter Poly 1/2" 12
PKG-TSCP-75 Warranty PDF Tensioner/ Sealer/Cutter Poly 1/2" to 3/4" 8

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Strapping Material

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