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model L-220-HD


model L-270-HD

model L-270-DC-HD

model L-270-DC-SS

Designed to lift open bottom skids, boxes and baskets. Two operations available: hand pump and 12V DC power with rocker switch to raise or lower. Hand pump design features an ergonomic pump handle with two lifting speeds to accommodate for light or heavy loads. Side stabilizers lock lift in place when load is raised above 20-1/2". Suffix "SS" stands for stainless steel units. An on board battery charger and battery chargfe indicator gauge comes standard with DC models.

The L-270-DP-HD has a single stage cylinder.  This unit can be lifted manually or electrically.  Ergonomic handle design offers simple and comfortable operation.  This model includes automatic activation of stabilizers when loads are higher than 15-3/4" for maximum stability.  This unit has a low center of gravity and excellent maneuverability.  Comes  in a painted blue finish.

model L-270-DC-HD-SS

model L-270-DP-HD

Tote Lifters
Model PDF's Operation Fork Size
L-220-HD Compliance Certificate Hand Pump 20-1/2"x43" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 3,000 275
L-270-HD Compliance Certificate Hand Pump 26-3/4"x43" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 3,000 290
L-270-HD-SS Compliance Certificate Hand Pump 26-3/4"x45" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 2,000 310
L-270-DP-HD Compliance Certificate Hand Pump/12V DC Powered 27"x47" 3-11/32" to 31" 2,200 368
L-220-DC-HD Compliance Certificate 12V DC Powered 20"x45" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 3,000 404
L-270-DC-HD Compliance Certificate 12V DC Powered 27"x45" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 3,000 414
L-270-DC-HD-SS Compliance Certificate 12V DC Powered 26-3/4" x 45" 3-1/2" to 31-1/2" 2,000 427
Tote Lifter Options
Model Description Wt.
L-PLATE-20 Solid platform to fit over forks (20" wide unit) 36
L-PLATE-27 Solid platform to fit over forks (27" wide unit) 48
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L-220-DC, L-270-DC Owners Manual

L-220-HD & L-270-HD Owners Manual

L-270-DC-HD-SS Owners Manual

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