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model WP-400-AC

The Linearizer™, series WP-400, is designed to raise or lower a worker to the optimum working height for maximum productivity with minimum risk of back injury and fatigue.  Ergonomically speaking, the optimum working elevation for most jobs is 2" below elbow height.  Typical applications might include packing stations, heavy machinery such as drill presses, lathes and saws, individual work cells or work areas where height is a problem.  The WP-400 may be used in a clean room environment since the lifting source is an electric linear actuator.  An ergonomic anti-fatigue mat is included on the platform.  For minimizing cumulative trauma injuries, the Linearizer™ is the obvious choice.

Operation of the Linearizer™ is as simple as pushing a button.   An electric linear actuator is used to raise or lower the platform to the optimum ergonomic level.  Unit is operated with a 24V pendent hand held push button control on an  6' cord. The actuator power supply may be either 115V A/C or 24V D/C.   D/C powered with lithium battery. The WP-400 includes two rigid casters on the back side to facilitate ease in transporting.

Linearizer - Electric Worker Platforms
Model PDFs Platform (WxL) Lowered Height Raised
Operation Wt. (lbs)
WP-400-AC Compliance Certificate 36"x24" 2-3/4" 14-5/8" 400 115V AC Power 276
WP-400-DC Compliance Certificate 36"x24" 2-3/4" 14-5/8" 400 24V DC Power 349
WP-400-AIR Compliance Certificate 36"x24" 2-3/4" 14-5/8" 400 Factory Air 304

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