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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Reel Mover Handle

model RMH-C-5020-3

A reel mover handle is the perfect way to transfer wire reels throughout the workspace.  The long handle allows the user to walk/stand in the proper upright position which diminishes the amount of time bending and twisting while moving reels manually.  The strong construction gives the user the ability to secure the reel to the handle and transport throughout the designated working area.  Works well in manufacturing and construction facilities.
Reel Mover Handle
Model PDFs Description Max. Reel
Max. Reel
Min. Reel
Max. Reel
RMH-C-5020-3 Warranty PDF Reel Mover 54" 20-11/16" 1-11/16" 3-7/8" 4

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