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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Skid Steer Buckets

Standard Features:

  • Low profile design.

  • Lightweight, yet high strength

  • Robust, all welded steel construction.

  • Wear resistant cutting edge.

  • Reinforced bottom plate.

  • Universal mounting system.

Skid steer buckets provide an easy way to transfer products, both big and small. The universalmounting system allows the unit to be utilized in conjunction with a variety of skid steers on themarket. A high strength front cutting edge resists wear and cuts through the toughest of terrain.With a reinforced bottom plate and sides, and an all welded steel construction, this bucket willperform at the highest levels. The back plate is designed to move liquid materials like concrete. Ananti-slip step guard is functionally placed at the top edge of the bucket for safe exiting of the skidsteer. Excellent for landscaping, farming, and residential operations.Good for handling lightweight materials such as: dirt, mulch, snow, and sand.

Skid Steer Buckets
Model Number PDFs Overall
EA-SKSB-60-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 60" 18-1/8" 31-15/16" 13 cu ft 321
EA-SKSB-66-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 66" 18-1/8" 31-15/16" 15 cu ft 336
EA-SKSB-68-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 68" 18-1/8" 31-15/16" 16 cu ft 351
EA-SKSB-72-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 72" 18-1/8" 31-15/16" 17 cu ft 366
EA-SKSB-76-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 76" 18-1/8" 31-15/16" 18 cu ft 376

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Excellent for a variety of applications!

Additional Styles:
Low profile extreme duty.
High profile standard duty.
High profile extreme duty.

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