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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Tree Grates

model TG-3R-BK

The tree grate is the perfect addition to any facilities landscaping resources.  The grate provides safety to the vegetation while maintaining the quality of the surrounding environment.  The units are available in both square and round shapes to better fit the users landscaping needs.  With a lightweight design, the units are able to be easily installed without the use of additional personnel.  As the tree grows, the inside grate diameter can be expanded for a better fit.   For best use, place each half of the grate around the tree on a flat surface and lock in place with the included hardware.  ADA compliant.

The tree grate frame delivers great support to any existing or new grates.  For best use, place each portion of the frame under the surface edge and fasten into place.  Once in place, a new or existing grate can be fitted inside the frame for a smooth, uninterrupted surface. Frame comes complete with (4) 1 1/2 square pre-drilled plastic frames (42 length for use with 48 square grate, or 54 length for use with 60 square grate).

model TG-4S-BK

Tree Grates
Model PDFs Description Overall Size
Color Wt.
TG-3R-BK Warranty PDF 3 ft. Round 36"x36"x2" Black 23
TG-4S-BK Warranty PDF 4 ft. Square 48"x48"x2" Black 43
TG-5S-BK Warranty PDF 5 ft. Square 60"x60"x2" Black 65
TG-4S-F-BK Warranty PDF 4 ft. Square Frame 1-1/2"x42"x1-1/2" Black 20
TG-5S-F-BK Warranty PDF 5 ft. Square Frame 1-1/2"x54"x1-1/2" Black 20

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