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model WLB4-300

model WLB4-400

model WLB4-500

Ideal for use in both commercial or agricultural settings. Exceptional for use in "green" construction zones and/or maintenance zones. Will not puncture or sink into surfaces that otherwise might be susceptible by metal leg-brace supports. Weight is distributed via 4 wheels which create a balanced movement of load. No need to worry about losing grip on handles or having load suddenly tilt to one side or the other causing a spill.  Optional Ergonomic Handles, model WLB4-HDL, reduces wrist torque while you manage heavy loads. The patented pivot-point allows the user to carry and lift loads with greater control reducing strain on the wrists, elbows, and lower back. Durable nylon construction.

Points to consider (Commercial & Agricultural Users)

  • When used in commercial or agricultural
    settings, weight distribution via 4 wheels is
    balanced ensuring a smaller PSI per wheel
    as opposed to what may otherwise be
    experienced at point of contact with a single
    wheel and metal leg-brace supports

  • Will not puncture surfaces that otherwise might be
    susceptible to PSI punctures caused by metal leg-brace supports when wheelbarrow is heavily loaded

  • Will not sink into the ground as otherwise would occur which the physics of PSI dictate
    would occur when setting two metal leg-braces onto a soft and/or wet ground surface

Unbelievable Ease of Moving Heavy Loads!

  • Creates a balanced movement of load – no
    need to worry about losing grip on handles
    or having load suddenly tilt to one side or
    the other causing a spill

  • Requires minimal physical effort to move
    any loads within weight restrictions noted

  • Exceptional for use in “green” construction
    and/or maintenance zones where gases
    and/or black dust created from gasoline
    AND solid wheeled electric vehicles are

model WLB-HDL

Model PDF's Cubic
Overall Size
WLB4-300 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 6 Pneumatic 59"x26"x29-1/2" 85
WLB4-400 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 8 Pneumatic 60"x32"x31-1/2" 90
WLB4-500 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 10 Pneumatic 60"x35"x34" 94
WLB-HDL Warranty PDFErgonomic Handles 12

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