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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) LED Pedestrian Warning System

model LT-LIGHT-4

Help reduce accidents with our LED Pedestrian Warning System.  (4) 4-3/4" x 1" high powered yellow LED warning strobe lights can be mounted to a variety of industrial devices in any location for multi-directional visibility.  Lights illuminate floor surface to warn pedestrians of traffic.  Units are multi-voltage (12V DC - 48V DC) and each light comes with 4-1/2 feet of cord.  Warning system includes: (4) LED strobe lights, flasher box, voltage regulator and inline fuse.


WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Lift Truck Safety Light


A safety warning spot light is a wonderful asset in shipping and manufacturing facilities with
intersecting walkways. The light is utilized to provide a warning to people that a vehicle is
approaching the surrounding area. The unit is easily mountable to the front or back of a
forklift or or other moving equipment. The closer to the ground the light is mounted the less
distance it will travel, therefore adjusting the model to best fit the user's needs is crucial. A
centrally located pivot point can be maneuvered for precise light positioning.

LED Pedestrian Warning System
Model PDF's Cord
Light Size
Bulb Type Voltage Wt.
LT-LIGHT-4 4-1/2' 4-3/4"x1" LED 12V DC/ 48V DC 3
Lift Truck Safety Light
Model PDF's Cord
Light Size
Bulb Type Voltage Wt.
LT-LIGHT-SL-BL 16' 4"x2-1/2" LED 24V

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