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model DLI-14

Take the guess work out of load measurement. This load indicator can accurately measure the weight. Simply incorporate this high tech gauge into your setup and read off the results. This is a strong, heavy duty tool which can withstand great weights and is exceedingly robust. Easy to read display and easy to use. The load indicator is provided with LCD display which can tare as well as show either the gross or the net load. Light weight, compact and ergonomic design. Ideal for difficult conditions: access or sloping ground. It can be used in conjunction with shackles and hooks. Automatic stand-by for a prolonged battery life time. Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of 14 through 104F.  Also see Crane Scales.

model DLI-05

model DLI-1

model DLI-2

model DLI-4

model DLI-7
Digital Load Indicators
Model PDF Uniform
Capacity (lbs)
In % Of
Nominal Load
DLI-05 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 500 4.4 1.1 0.20 2
DLI-1 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1,000 9 1.1 0.10 2
DLI-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 2,000 18 4.4 0.20 2
DLI-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 4,000 33 11 0.25 2
DLI-7 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 7,000 55 11 0.16 2
DLI-14 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 14,000 100 20 0.16 2

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DLI Series Owners Manual (1196kb PDF)

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