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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Ladder Transporter

model LAD-MM-LTO

Moving large, heavy maintenance ladders has always been time consuming and labor intensive… until now. The maintenance ladder transporter helps maneuver ladders side to side and workstation to workstation. With the simple bolt-on adjustable mounting plate attached to the bottom step, the user can then roll the unit into position to place the pin into the hitch point. Once secured, ladder and transporter can be moved as needed. The long handle allows the operator to maintain proper posture during use. For ladders with 5 steps and more, an included hook can be attached to the backside of the ladder for safe keeping of the transporter while it is not in use. Baked-in powder-coated toughness helps diminishes scratches and abrasion that may happen throughout daily use.

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Ladder Transporter




Casters Overall Size
LAD-MM-LTO Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Ladder Transporter for LAD-MM seires 4" Poly 31-15/16"x11-9/16"x41-1/4" 24
LAD-RAF-LTO Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Ladder Transporter for LAD-RAF series 4" Poly 31-15/16"x11-9/16"x41-1/4" 24

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