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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Walk Through Style Dock Ladders - DKL series

model DKL-2

model DKL-3

model DKL-4

Prevent needless dock injuries with Walk-Thru Style Dock Ladders. Constructed of steel pipe.  Mount ladder directly to the dock face by either welding or bolting on.  The extra high handrail provides maximum assistance and safety.  The top half of each step is covered with a slip resistant material for extra safety during climbing and descending of the ladder.  All ladders project out 8-3⁄8" from face of dock. Uniform capacity is 300 pounds. Models with 5 -10 steps ship knockdown. Some assembly is required. Baked-in powder-coated toughness.

model DKL-9

model DKL-10

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Walk-Through Style Dock Ladders

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DKL-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x65-1/2" 2 15" 12" 86
DKL-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x77-1/2" 3 27" 12" 89
DKL-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x89-1/2" 4 39" 12" 92 
DKL-5 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x101-1/2" 5 51" 12" 96
DKL-6 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x113-1/2" 6 63" 12" 98
DKL-7 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x125-1/2" 7 75" 12" 118
DKL-8 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x137-1/2" 8 87" 12" 121
DKL-9 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x149-1/2" 9 99" 12" 123
DKL-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18" 20-7/16"x161-1/2" 10 111" 12" 148

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DKL Series  Owners Manual

Summary of OSHA 1970 Fixed Ladder Specifications.
The act does require a dock ladder as a means of traversing from one structure level to another.  The Act is very specific on the minimum specifications for ladders.  In summary, the minimum rung diameter is 3/4".  The rung length must be at least 16 in. and the height between rungs 12".  The rung center must be not less than 7" from the building face, and the grab bar centerline must not be less than 4 in.

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