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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Mezzanine Ladders - LAD-FM series

model LAD-FM-108

The Mezzanine Ladders are used for infrequent usage to access mezzanines. They are ratcheted into climbing angle and back into stored position. The wheels roll on the ground when ratcheted and the handrails mechanically rise into climb position when ladder locks into position. Quickly extend and retract the ladder. The mezzanine ladder allows for quick installation with mounting bracket provided for bolt-on installation or welded installation. Steps are 24-1/4" wide. Collapsed distance from wall is approximately 15" for all models. Customer must provide their mezzanine height at time of purchase. Baked in Powder coat blue finish for added toughness. Meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements. Ships knockdown, some assembly required. Survey sheet available for mezzanine heights of 60 to 120.



Mezzanine Ladders


PDF Mezzanine
Height (in.)
LAD-FM-60 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 60" 350 58 257
LAD-FM-72 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 72" 350 58 282
LAD-FM-84 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 84" 350 58 360
LAD-FM-96 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 96" 350 58 365
LAD-FM-108 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 108" 350 58 375
LAD-FM-120 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 120" 350 58 386

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LAD-FM Series Owners Manual

LAD-FM Survey Sheet
to help choose the correct size for your application.


LAD-FM Survey Sheet

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