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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hanging Magnetic Sweepers





Hanging Magnetic Sweepers are ideal for cleaning industrial settings, parking lots, and loading areas.  The design is durable, yet lightweight, for easy maneuverability and portability from work area to work area. On the MS and HFMS model series, a release lever is located in the sweeper for simple, safe discarding of fragments.  Constructed with heavy gauge steel and aluminum. Comes completely assembled.

Hanging Magnetic Sweepers, Chain Hang-Type include eyebolts and chains for hanging units from a vehicle.

Hanging Magnetic Sweepers, Fork Lift Hang-Type can be suspended from a fork lift for smooth and efficient gathering of material, both large and small. Fork pockets measure 5"W x 1"H.




Hanging Magnetic Sweepers
Model PDFs Description Sweep
 Magnetic Chain Hang-Type Sweeper
MS-36 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 36" 45 23
MS-48 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 48" 55 28
MS-60 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 60" 65 34
MS-72 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 72" 75 39
 Magnetic Chain Hang-Type Sweeper - Heavy-Duty
HDMS-36 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 36" 75 36 
HDMS-48 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 48" 100 55
HDMS-60 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 60" 120 68
HDMS-72 Warranty PDF Chain Hang-Type 72" 130 79
 Magnetic Forklift Hang-Type Sweeper
HFMS-36 Warranty PDF Forklift Hang-Type 36" 45 23
HFMS-48 Warranty PDF Forklift Hang-Type 48" 55 28
HFMS-60 Warranty PDF Forklift Hang-Type 60" 65 34
HFMS-72 Warranty PDF Forklift Hang-Type 72" 75 39
 Magnetic Forklift Hang-Type Sweeper-Heavy Duty
HDFMS-36 Warranty PDF Chain/Forklift Hang-Type 36" 75 44
HDFMS-48 Warranty PDF Chain/Forklift Hang-Type 48" 100 57
HDFMS-60 Warranty PDF Chain/Forklift Hang-Type 60" 120 71
HDFMS-72 Warranty PDF Chain/Forklift Hang-Type 72" 130 83

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Magnetic Lifters

model ML-12

Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter. Magnet is activated or deactivated by simply rotating the lever. Units are lightweight, so transporting from work area to work area is convenient.

model ML-2

model ML-6

Download ML Series Insert

Magnetic Lifters
Model PDF Overall Size
Base Plate
ML-2 Warranty PDF 6-3/4"x5-3/32"x4-29/32" 2-1/2"x3-5/8" 200 6
ML-6 Warranty PDF 8-11/16"x8"x6-13/16" 3-5/8/"x6-1/2" 600 21
ML-12 Warranty PDF 11"x10-3/4"x8-1/2" 5-1/2"x8-3/4" 1200 52

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Magnetic Catcher

model MLM-20

Ideal for picking up small metallic objects. To use simply move over objects. To deactivate squeeze lever and the items will be released. Made of a hard plastic body with black steel handle.

Magnetic Catcher
Model PDFs Width Length Height Pull
Wt (lbs)
MLM-20 Warranty PDF 3-13/16" 6" 8-1/4" 20 Lbs. 4

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Magnetic Easy Lift


model EASY-50

Handheld lift grips parts with an easy to use trigger release.  One handed operation.  Permanent magnet in an aluminum housing move parts faster and easier.  Retrieve hot parts from cutting tables up to 300F (148C).

Magnetic Easy Lift
Model PDFs Width Length Height Working
Wt. (lbs)
EASY-50 Warranty PDF 2-3/8" 3-3/8" 4-13/16" 50 lbs. 2

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Roto Grip Magnets


model ROTO-90

Effective holding against shear force.  Securely grips heavy parts and will hold hot parts up to 300F (148C).  Rotate handle to discharge.

model ROTO-25

model ROTO-50
Magnetic Easy Lift
Model PDF Width Length Height Working
ROTO-25 Warranty PDF 2" 2" 3/4" 50 1
ROTO-50 Warranty PDF 2-1/4" 4" 3/4" 51 1
ROTO-90 Warranty PDF 4" 5" 2" 92 1

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