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model TPA-10

Model TPA-10 - Designed to apply tape as you walk. Solid steel construction, comfortable hand grips, and durable rubber wheels allow for easy operation and maintenance.  Features a soft rubber applicator head.  Holds tape rolls with a 3" diameter core and widths between 1" minimum and 4" maximum.

Model TPA-20 - Applicator head adjusts quickly to apply tape in circular path or in a long straight line.  Rear stabilizer adjusts right and left to allow for marking next to walls and pallet racks.  Holds tape rolls with a 3" core and width between 1" minimum to 4-1/2" maximum.


model TPA-20

Floor Tape Applicators
Model PDF's Description Max.
Roll Dia.
TPA-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Economy Floor Tape Applicator 6-1/2" 1" to 4" 15
TPA-20 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Deluxe Floor Tape Applicator 7" 1" to 4-1/2" 21
Yellow/Black Striped Floor Tape
Model PDFs Width Length Color Wt.
YB-282-R Warranty PDF 2" 82 FT. Yellow/Black Stripe 1
YB-382-R Warranty PDF 3" 82 FT. Yellow/Black Stripe 1

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TPA-20 Owners Manual

2" Floor Tape
model YB-282-R

3" Floor Tape
model YB-382-R

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