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model TL-100-F

The Trailer Lock System is designed for installation directly in front of the loading dock. The electric hydraulic system captures the ICC bar on the back of semi-trailers. To ensure maximum safety the unit comes standard with an accumulator that allows the lock to follow the trailer up and down as it is loaded/unloaded. A beeper and flashing light warns the operator if the lock does not engage the trailer properly. A visual indication of the restraint's status is shown at all times by the traffic light outside and the control panel inside. It comes standard with light package, control panel and three (3) large visual signs. Draw pull shear strength is 22,500 lbs per foot. Pre-drilled holes included for wall or ground mounting.

model TL-100-F-S

Standard Safety Features

Emergency Hook Release Pin - Allows trailers to be released in the event of power outage or malfunction.

Red And Green Light System - System includes red and green traffic light outside of the dock.  This unit comes equipped with model DTS-10 lights

"Floats" with Trailers - Once the hook is raised into position the motor shuts off.  The hook will follow the various trailer heights, up or down, during Loading/Unloading.  This accomplished through an in-line accumulator.

Operator Warned If Hook Misses Or If Hook Is Restricted - If the hook is interfered with or misses the ICC bar, it will automatically retract and the control panel will alert the attendant.  The attendant must then chock the wheels and change the lights manually on the control panel.

Trailer Lock Systems
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TL-100-F Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Electric Hydraulic, Aluminum Light Pkg. 115 V, 1 PH 470
TL-100-F-S Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Electric Hydraulic, Polypropylene Light Pkg.  115V, 1 PH 518
TL-100-F-S-LED Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Electric Hydraulic, Polypropylene LED Light Pkg. 115 V, 1 PH 518
TL-200-HP-F Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Hand Pump Hydraulic, Aluminum Light Package 405
TL-200-HP-F-S Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Hand Pump Hydraulic, Polypropylene Light Pkg. 495
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TL-100-F series Owners Manual

TL-200 Owners Manual

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Comes standard with DTS-10 light fixture and control panel

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