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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Pallet Cargo Decking

model PCD-92

Reduce Freight Damage Increase Trailer Load Volume Protect Delicate Freight

Optimize your trailer space with Pallet Cargo Decker. Fits into your standard semi-trailers.  Holds boxes, pallets and other bulky freight up to 5,000 pounds. Wood platform not included.

model PCD-STL

Pallet Cargo Decking
Model PDF's Description Overall
PCD-92 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate Single Tier 90.25"Wx 49.5"Hx56"D 5,000 144
PCD-92D Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double Tier 90.25"Wx 49.5"Hx56"D 5,000 228
PCD-92DS Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double Tier w/ sides 90.25"Wx 49.5"Hx56"D 5,000 253
PCD-92DSB Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double Tier w/ sides & back 90.25"Wx 49.5"Hx56"D 5,000 287
PCD-STL Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Optional Steel Platform 150

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