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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Electric Material Handling Cart - EMHC series

model EMHC-2860-1

Battery-powered platform DC traction-drive system is ideal for moving heavy loads safely & easily throughout warehouses, offices, schools, & hospitals. Incorporate many features to make light work of heavy loads. Reduce injury & increase productivity with this high quality cart. Features 800W electric drive motor (500W Model EMHC-2848-1), with (2) 12V batteries for power and on-board charger. Handle includes fwd/rev throttle control levers, emergency reverse button, battery level gauge, & slow/fast speed switch. Pinpoint turning is accurate with the mid-axle drive feature.

Hand Control w/ Emergency Reverse Button

Onboard Battery Charger

model EMHC-2860-2

model EMHC-2860-4

model EMHC-2860-3


Electric Material Handling Cart
Model PDFs Deck Size
Description Uniform
Capacity (lbs)
EMHC-2848-1 Warranty PDF 28"x48" Handle, no sides 1,000 315
EMHC-2860-1 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 28"x60" Handle, no sides 1,500 454
EMHC-2872-1 Warranty PDF 28"x72" Handle, no sides 2,000 558
EMHC-3672-1 Warranty PDF 36"x72" Handle, no sides 2,000 590
EMHC-2860-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24-3/4"x58-1/2" Handle, four sides 1,500 484
EMHC-2860-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24-3/4"x58-1/2" Handle, four sides,1 shelf 500 504
EMHC-2860-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24-3/4"x58-1/2" Handle, four sides, 2 shelves 500 524

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EMHC-2860 Owners Manual

Increases Efficiency

Decreases Work Injury

Moves More Material....Faster

Improves Employee Safety and Morale

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