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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Heavy-Duty Cradle Carts - DCC series

model DCC-80

model DCC-17

model DCC-2860-4

model DCC-2860-10
Move and store pipe, channel, bar stock, barrels, or drums with these Heavy-Duty Cradle Carts. A large open design that makes loading and unloading by fork trucks and slings easy. All welded construction. Wheels are mounted in a diamond pattern to allow the truck to tilt when going over thresholds and turnabout on its own center. The 4,000 pound units roll on (2) rigid and (2) swivel glass filled nylon casters with the exception of models DCC-17 rolls on four (4) swivel (hard rubber) and DCC-80 rolls on four (4) swivel glass filled nylon. The 10,000 pound carts roll on (2) rigid steel and (2) swivel phenolic casters. Powder coat finish standard on steel cart.

model DCC-2896-4

model DCC-2896-10

model DCC-28120-10

Heavy-Duty Cradle Carts
Model PDF's Description Size
Uniform Static Capacity (lbs) Caster
Wt (lbs)
DCC-80 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 30-3/8"x 30-1116"x 26-1/8" 4,000 6"x2" 140
DCC-2860-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 31-1/2"x 60-5/8"x 30" 4,000 8"x2" 230
DCC-2896-4 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 31-1/2"x 96-5/16"x 30" 4,000 8"x2" 344
DCC-2860-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 31-1/2" x 63-1/16" x 32-3/8" 10,000 8"x3" 383
DCC-2896-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 31-1/2"x 99-1/16"x 32-3/8" 10,000 8"x3" 550
DCC-28120-10 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Steel 31-1/2"x 123-1/16"x 32-3/8" 10,000 8"x3" 601
DCC-17 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Aluminum 20" x 20"x 9-3/16" 600 3"x 1-1/4" 30

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