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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hardwood Platform Trucks - VHPT series

model VHPT-2754

Hardwood Platform Trucks are the economical solution to your material handling needs. Constructed of nominal 1" thick hardwood, these platform trucks have a maximum capacity of 1,600 pounds. Units roll smoothly on 6" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters, two rigid and two swivel. Casters and removable steel push handle are bolted on. Countersunk holes allow for a smooth deck surface.

model VHPT-2448

model VHPT-3060

model VHPT-3672

model VHPT/S-2754

Hardwood Platform Trucks
Model PDF's Deck Size
Uniform Static
Capacity (lbs)
Hardwood Deck
VHPT-2448 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x48" 9-1/4" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 72
VHPT-2754 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27"x54" 9-1/4" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 82
VHPT-3060 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30"x60" 9-1/4" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 92
VHPT-3672 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 36"x72" 9-1/4" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 158
Hardwood Deck With Steel Frame
VHPT/S-2448 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x48" 9-5/8" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 159
VHPT/S-2754 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27"x54-1/2" 9-5/8" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 175
VHPT/S-3060 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30-1/2"x60-1/2" 9-5/8" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 198
VHPT/S-3672 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 36-1/2"x72-1/2" 9-5/8" 1,600 Mold-On-Rubber 228
VHPT-SL-JACK Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Semi-Live Skid Jack 25
VHPT-SL-LEG-24 Warranty PDF Leg Kit for 24" 15
VHPT-SL-LEG-27 Warranty PDF Leg Kit for 27" 16
VHPT-SL-LEG-30 Warranty PDF Leg Kit for 30" 17
VHPT-SL-LEG-36 Warranty PDF Leg Kit for 36" 18
* Handle Design May Vary From What is Shown
** (4) 8" x 2" Pneumatic Casters (Model: VHPT-PNU) -Weight of unit must be considered when calculating capacity

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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Semi-Live Skid Legs & Lever Jacks - VHPT-SL series


The Semi-Live Hardwood Skids and Lever Jack are ideal for distribution and shipping industries. The unit is constructed of nominal 1" thick hardwood platform with two (2) rigid 6" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters for smooth portability.  The front of the unit includes attached legs which create stability once unit is in the level position.  The optional lever jack allows the unit to be transported while still maintaining an ergonomic position.  Handle measures 58" long.

Semi-Live Hardwood Skid Legs & Lever Jacks
Model PDF Skid Size
VHPT-SL-24 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 24"x48" 9-3/8" 1,600 56
VHPT-SL-27 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 27"x54" 9-3/8" 1,600 59
VHPT-SL-30 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30"x60" 9-3/8" 1,600 63
VHPT-SL-36 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 36"x72" 9-3/8" 1,600 75

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